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Roger has written a short 6 page pamphlet about key areas of teaching and learning that are so important. Use it as a checklist, or if you are new to teaching, as a helpful guide.

“TEACHING and LEARNING” – here are some excerpts:

The suggestions in this pamphlet are not intended as an exhaustive ‘how to teach’ manual…. The teacher is an extremely important person in pupils’ and students’ lives. Young people watch, listen and tend to replicate your behaviour. You are an example that many young people will follow.


You are planning to ensure every pupil and student makes all the progress they can in every lesson and learning situation…. …. Record/write down what pupils and students will, e.g., know, and/or understand, and/or be able to do by the end of the lesson….

Knowing pupils and students before you begin teaching

Check pupils’ records, what do they/should they already know? …. Ask the pupils’ / students’ previous teacher(s) about their attainment and progress, attitudes to work and how they work best….

In the lesson

Start and finish lessons on time. Keep to your initial timings in lessons and then adapt as necessary. …. Be well prepared….


Teaching is a wonderful job when all pupils and students are responding positively to lessons…. …. High interest, active, practical learning lessons….

After the lesson

Follow school policy for marking and feedback. …. Pupils and students need to know what they have done well and what they need to improve….

If you want to know more, let us know. £5, including post and packing, and it’s yours!


Excepts from PowerPoint presentation:
'Key factors in great lessons'


Learning objectives for lessons are clear

They can be written as what students will know, understand and be able to do by the end of the lesson or unit of work.

理解什么?能够做什么? target







Students have time to reflect on their learning

Students read and correct each other’s work, discuss each other’s ideas, think about how to improve the quality of their work next time, and respond to teachers’ feedback marking.

学生互相改正对方的错误,讨论各自的想法,思考如何根据教师的反馈提高他们的作业质量。 idea